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Maxwell Alves Solicitors are dedicated to helping their clients find the best way in which they can fund their cases.

Before determining which method of billing is best for you we conduct a risk assessment of your dispute, whether you are the claimant or defendant. The risk assessment considers each dispute on its merits, assessing its advantages and disadvantages and whether we feel you should attempt to settle the dispute, enter into mediation or arbitration, or whether full litigation is the next best step.

If, after careful consideration, it is agreed by you and ourselves that litigation is the best way forward then we shall try to give you an estimate of our fees. Due to the complex and unpredictable nature of litigation an accurate estimate cannot always be given, however, this estimate will be based on our hourly fees, the complexity of the dispute and the estimated longevity of the case.

Hourly Rate

Our hourly fees are set in accordance with Law Society rates. As we are a niche firm based in the legal heartland of London, we are able to provide a high quality of work at an hourly rate that is both competitive and good value.


We are aware that funding litigation can be difficult. In light of this we are prepared to consider alternative methods of billing should you feel it appropriate. Such alternatives can only be considered after we have conducted a detailed risk assessment and whether such an alternative method suits both yours and our needs. These alternative methods are: