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Commercial disputes are a fact of business life. Litigation is unwanted, expensive and distracts key staff and resources from where they are most needed. Litigation London will attempt to avoid litigation at all costs however in the circumstances that it is unavoidable; we will try to make it as easy as possible for you to continue to operate your business. We advise both claimants and defendants on a wide range of litigious matters including debt recovery, breach of contract, shareholders and partnership disputes.

Our service includes:

• Early stage advice on disputes avoidance and managing risk

• Debt recovery service, tracing for debtors and enforcement orders

• Preparing and service of statutory demands, winding up of companies and bankruptcy of individuals

• Pre-claim work, including the investigation and assessment of liability and claim values

• Pre-action correspondence plus advice on appropriate dispute resolution procedures

• A wide range of litigation in the English Civil Courts (from the County Court upwards)

• Litigation at first hearings and appeals

• Employment disputes

• Landlord and tenant disputes

• Acting in the criminal courts in a number of regulatory areas

• ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) procedures

• Representing clients at mediations, in arbitrations, in adjudications and in unassisted negotiations

• Preparing and advising on settlement agreements

• Support in foreign proceedings and advice on jurisdiction and governing law issues

• Arranging after the event (ATE) insurance which help hedge or remove the legal cost exposure in pursuing or defending a dispute.