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Whether you are involves with a serious fraud or a white collar crime, we are able to advise you in defending these allegations. Serious fraud is a term used to describe activities such as mortgage fraud, forgery and share ramping. Fraud occurring within an organisation is referred to as white collar crime. This involves dishonesty for financial gain and examples of these are;

• Banking fraud;

• Insider dealing;

• Bribery; • Counterfeiting;

• Money laundering; and

• Embezzlement.

Since the Fraud Act 2006 came into force, a single act of fraud can be committed in three different ways;

1. False representation;

2. Failure to disclose information when there is a legal duty to do so; and

3. Abuse of position.

Fraud investigations may take a long time to conclude before a decision is made whether to take the matter to Court. If you are a suspect in any investigations, it is imperative that you contact us as early as possible so that we are able to advise you as to the appropriate strategies for you to take.